Who is High School Reunions?

High School Reunions (formerly Great Reunions) is a reunion planning company that provides services to help you plan, organize, and conduct your high school reunion. High School Reunions will dramatically reduce the time and effort you need to plan your reunion. From locating all your classmates, to finding a hotel, to mailing invitations, High School Reunions provides these reunion planning services and much more.

How many reunions has High School Reunions planned?

We have organized over 10,000 high school reunions since 1983, making us the oldest, largest, and most successful reunion management company in the nation! Over 1 million people have attended reunions planned by High School Reunions.

How far in advance should we start planning the reunion?

Your date will be at least 6 months from today. This provides us enough time to receive your research materials, secure a venue, locate your classmates and notify them 3 times. This will allow your classmates to make the proper travel arrangements, thereby maximizing attendance at your reunion. High School Reunions can perform on shorter notice due to our staff size and vast resources, however we recommend that you get started as early as possible to get your date and location - they book up quickly.

What is the Reunion Committee responsible for?

Your class reunion committee members can be involved as much or as little as they want to be. While High School Reunions is completely capable of handling all the tasks involved in conducting a reunion, the more involved committees do create Great High School Reunions! In working with High School Reunions, we will ask that the committee to provide us some information about your class (usually available in your yearbook) and some details they would like to include in the reunion night program. The committee members also participate in planning the event by personally contacting classmates, and gathering memorabilia (football jerseys, old photos, etc.) to display at the reunion.

How much money does the Reunion Committee have to pay?

If your class size and school reunion attendance history meets our criteria, no upfront deposit will be required. However, if your class profile is outside of our acceptable risk tolerance, an upfront deposit or fee may be required to limit our risk.

How is the ticket price determined?

The ticket price has four main components. A significant factor is the cost of the facility where you will hold the reunion. The nicer places simply cost more. Another factor is the meal you will be served. Again, that amount goes to the facility where the reunion will be held, usually a hotel. A third portion of the ticket price goes to cover other expenses at the reunion. These items include event staff, bio-book, and music. A final portion of the ticket price covers all the other expenses related to putting on a reunion. These activities include data entry, classmate research, contacting classmates, web site management, and customer service.

What is the typical ticket price?

Your ticket price will typically be around $119 depending on your class size, type of reunion (10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 year) and selected venue.

Refund Policy?

High School Reunion has a no refund policy. Please contact us for further details.

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